Relationships built over time

Premier Fruit & Nut Ltd was established in 1986. During this time we have made strong relationships with the most quality driven Dry Fruit and Nut producers globally. We are constantly auditing and quality checking our suppliers to make sure our clients get the best produce available to the global market.

Experience you can trust

With more then 30 years of experience, you can rest assure that we know Dry Fruit and Nuts best. When you need it we will get it for you. If you need it in extra quick time we will fly it over, if time is on your side and transit will do then we are here for you.

Quality Produce all the time

Because we know our the Dried Fruit and Nut market second to none, and our relationships have been growing for so many years,  we know who to get the best quality produce from depending on the time of year, whilst maintaining youre interest at heart. We not only work for our clients but we also work strongly with our suppliers. Relationship and Trust is the backbone to our business.